Aide Mémoire


A collaboration with Tom Flint of Edinburgh Napier University. Conceived as a device which allows you to immortalise a family through several generations, the Aide Mémoire is presented as a fully functioning product from a bygone era. This sonic artwork engages its participants in an evocative and emotional interaction with anecdotes provided by past generations. The resulting experience has been described as overhearing a conversation that happened sometime ago, like calling spirits or ghosts.

The box contains the recorded memories of a family through several generations. Participants can reminisce by tuning into individual anecdotes, providing a tacit and cross-generational narrative. To tailor this experience, two smaller dials control atmospheric sounds and music, therefore affording the audience control over their emotional relationship with these memories. For example, the atmosphere can be altered to provide the sentiment of a horror movie or a wild party.

Aide Memoire. Create ’09, London.
Aide Memoire. The Museum of Transitory Art, Slovenia.

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