Pilchuck Glass Instructor

I am very excited to be a summer school instructor at the Pilchuck Glass School.  We have proposed a class bringing together electroforming and Arduino (blurb below), building in part on workshops I have held at the Sunderland Glass School.  For anyone not aware of Pilchuck, it is part of a group of schools in the US who support the Craft School Experience.  It has a reputation for being a beautiful retreat for artists and designers and I am looking forward to being part of this years summer school.


Glassblowing, Hot Casting, Electroforming, Electronics, Mixed Media, 3-D Printing

Expand your glass canvas with electroformed copper and electronic sensors for sculptural installations. Students will digitally prepare images and glasswork for sand carving and plating with copper, gold and silver. Combining glass and metal electrically, we will create electronic circuits for switches and motors, and for proximity and sound sensing. Students will have hot shop and 3-D print access to create glass and electric forms through hot sculpting and electrically conductive 3-D printing. Laptops required.