Dementia Lab Publication

Dementia Lab: The Role of Design publication has gone live.  Niels Hendriks, Andrea Wilkinson and Dirk Schoenaers have done a great job of bringing together contributions under the subheading, “Reflections on designing with and for people with dementia”.  Importantly, the conference was less about academic contributions and more about personal reflections, as the editors explain:

“It is a collection of personal accounts from several designers who have, over the past decade, designed for and together with people with dementia and tells the story of how they experienced this process.”

I feel it is an important read for anyone setting out on a project involving people with dementia and full of advice and opportunities for us all to learn from our own experiences and at times, trial and error.  It is really reassuring to hear other peoples experiences and understand that reflection is important because we can’t get it right all the time.